Microtransactions are the ability to transfer very small amounts of money. There are many economic activities that can't fund themselves since the unit of output is too small to be paid for with traditional payment infrastructure. That is, there are things that are worth a penny that you can't buy even if you have a penny.

micromicro is a microtransaction service, created to address this gap.

Some real-world use cases are:

  • Pay per read online journalism
  • Spam reduction through paid email
  • Microdonations for open source projects
  • Selling icons, audio samples, other small works
  • Lowering the barrier of entry to point of sale (flea markets, ad hoc transactions)


It goes without saying that for any microtransaction approach to be successful, it needs to be cheap.

With micromicro we intend to provide a very low overhead service, only inflating fees beyond operating costs to cover maintenance. We designed micromicro to operate largely autonomously, and we'll continue to look for ways to maintain efficient operation.

micromicro uses litecoin as a transaction medium because it has some real world demand, its simple to integrate, and its low transaction cost makes it easy to get started with.