Handling money always has risks, especially online. Here are some tips for preventing loss and avoiding risk by using micromicro.

  • Use a password manager. If you forget your username or password there's no way to recover your account. Try LastPass, the Trezor Password Mananger, or KeePass.

  • Don't log into your account on public computers. If you forget to log out other people using the computer will be able to use your money. You can make payments from your phone by scanning the QR code.

  • Only deposit what you need. If you think you might buy a couple dollars worth of goods a week, don't deposit more than $50.

  • Keep the rest of your money in a secure Litecoin wallet. Investing in a physical wallet such as a Trezor adds another layer of protection.

  • Use multiple accounts. For example, store more money in the account you use at home and less in the account you use on your phone. Transferring money between the two is cheap.

  • Download each transaction. The downloaded file can be used as a proof of purchase.