Receiving donations is simple with micromicro - you don't need a dedicated server, a database, or anything other than a static HTML host.

1. Create an account

If you haven't already, create an account and add some money to cover account maintenance

2. Create an In

On the web app home screen, press Receive.


3. Fill out the form

Let's make a few changes from the defaults.

  • Select "Slow" - donations will take longer to arrive but the transaction fee is lower.

  • You should add a message to "Personal Memo" to remind you what the money is for when you receive a donation.

  • Also add a "Display Message" with a similar reminder so the donator doesn't have to come up with a note themselves.

  • Press the The minus next to "One-time" so you can reuse the address you're creating.

Receive form filled

Press "Receive".

4. Download the QR code image

Download the QR code

Save the file as donation_qr.svg.

5. Copy the QR code URL

6. Upload the QR code and update your HTML

Upload donation_qrq.svg and add the following to your HTML:

<a target="_blank" href="URL"><img src="donation_qr.svg" alt="Donate!"></a>

Replace URL with the URL we copied in step 5.

You're done! Visitors can scan or click the QR code link to donate to your project: